Alice Lu

UC San Diego Chapter President

Major: Human Biology & Global Health

Year: Junior

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Why did you join Movement Exchange?

Joining Movement Exchange was a way to meet like-minded people, and continue dancing in college while combining my interest in the arts and preventative health and education. The dance workshops we teach complement my college classes on global health, project management, and social justice. I've gained experience in all of the above, and it's been a constant cycle of service-based learning.

What is your favorite thing about Movement Exchange?

I'm grateful for every opportunity I've received through Movement Exchange, from the national retreat, to teaching in Panama, to getting to know the San Diego community. But if I had to pick one favorite thing, it would be the people. Move-Ex attracts some of the most innovated and talented go-getters, and I'm blessed with an amazing network of dance diplomats both in my chapter and beyond.

What makes your Move-Ex chapter unique?

We are future doctors, physician assistants, researchers, policy makers, and more. Some of us have been dancing for all our lives, while others just began to dance through joining our chapter! Our styles vary from hip-hop and breakdancing, to Latin dances, to Asian dances... it's a truly diverse team. And we're all united by one common goal: to use dance to change lives, in our local community and abroad.

Where do you teach weekly and/or monthly dance classes in your community? Who are your community partners?

We teach regular classes at the TAY Academy, Center for Children, San Diego Youth Service, CAT Youth Art Program, and Gary & Mary West Senior Wellness Center. We also offer special events with AMSA Health Fair, Camp Kesem UCSD, and Dance Marathon at UCSD.

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