Adrian Morales

Contemporary Instructor (Panama)


Adrian Morales started to dance at 15 years of age learning break dance in public parks. He is in his last year of the contemporary/modern dance program in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Panama. He has danced in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the United States constantly seeking new opportunities to choreograph, perform, and collaborate. Marked experiences in his dance career include dancing with Anna Konjetzky (Germany), Los Innatos (Costa Rica), Omaris Marinas (Panama), Edibaldo Ernesto (Mozambique, Africa), and Cia GramoDanse (Panamá). Last year, he also participated in the International Hip Hop Competition in Las Vegas with the group "Let's Go" (Panama). He is also an adjunct dancing in the Cirque Du Soleil database. He is excited for the new opportunity to teach with Movement Exchange and develop relationships with the students through contemporary dance.