Hilary Sanders

Cornell Chapter President

Major: Development Sociology, minors in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Year: Richmond

Hometown: Freemont, CA

Why did you join Movement Exchange?

The idea of using my passion for dance to give back to the community has fulfilled something that was missing for me in dance. I helped found the University of Cincinnati chapter and I knew I needed to continue being a part of Movement Exchange when I transferred to Cornell.

What is your favorite thing about Movement Exchange?

My favorite thing about Movement Exchange is seeing what a joyful, unifying force dance is and being able to share my love for it with others. And of course the amazing, passionate people I get to work with!

What makes your Move-Ex chapter unique?

Move-Ex at Cornell is unique because our board members learned about Movement Exchange through an email from a stranger (me!) and nevertheless are jumping in with commitment and enthusiasm!

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